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Drive your ship through your foes and destroy them! In this circular bullet-hell, switch colours to absorb projectiles, build up energy and unleash your powers. Overcome huge waves of enemies and master your combos to reach the best score possible!


  • Play with the depth of the map to manage waves of enemies.
  • Circular battlefield.
  • A colour system to absorb enemy bullets and optimize your damages.
  • Deep and rewarding combo system.
  • Easy to play, hard to master.

Outskirts gameplay is based on three fundamentals

Everything happens within a circle
The player and basic enemies have three different colours
A combo system depending on killed enemies’ colour

Color system

The player can switch from each colour at any time during the game. This has several consequences:

— If the projectile is the same colour as the player’s, he can absorb it and witness his power gauge filling up
— If the enemy and the player have the same colour, player’s projectiles will deal less damages to those enemies. When they die, they fill said colour power gauge.

Power system

Use your power resource to unleash your true power.

Unlock another power thanks to the combo system and destroy all your enemies.

Some power example:

— A bomb
— A hyper mode
— A homing laser attack

Combo system

In Outskirts, there are two combo systems:

— The first one is based on dead enemies’ colour and is limited to three
— Use previous combos as value (Super-combo)

Combos are useful for two things: improve the player’s score and the multiplier. Super-combos are secret combos that release powerful effects: fill every power gauge, replace the current power with another one, and so much more!